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Center of Workforce Innovations receives Legacy Foundation Grant - October 25 2013

The Center of Workforce Innovations (CWI) received a grant of $25,000 from the Lake County Community Fund of the Legacy Foundation in support of The Skill Building Institute (SBI), where unemployed participants will learn and apply employable skills and attitudes through an innovative curriculum, workshops, and paid internship. The goal is to move participants who had professional careers from long-term unemployment into sustained employment. CWI will collaborate with Indiana University Northwest (IUN) and WorkOne on this initiative.

IUN’s School of Business will provide their Assessment Center process and space and they will collaborate with the CWI staff and a team from the region’s WorkOne system to create innovative curriculum that will serve as the foundation of several workshops. The WorkOne Business Services team will assist in arranging internship opportunities with area companies, while WorkOne Career Advisors provide individualized support to participants throughout the 10-week program.

Long-term unemployment can create despair and apathy, whereas qualified professionals may lack confidence and optimism and to employers, these traits are unemployable. If the SBI can change attitudes and up-skill 25 of those long-term unemployed professionals and line them up with a job, they can have a significant impact on the economy and will likely stay in the community. According to Hoosiers by the Numbers Local Area Unemployment Statistics, the average earnings per job in Lake County is $45,015. And if the program employs 75 percent of the participants, then those new employees will inject $844,031 per year into the economy through the additional spending, savings, and taxing.

For further information on the Skill Building Institute initiative, contact Robyn Minton at the Center of Workforce Innovations at 219-462-2940, ext. 24 or at


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